We are an exclusive technical sales force for Amstar in North America. We are also provide all Technical Service &  install all new systems.


Amstar Features:

  • Zero Discharge – recirculate 99% back to plant

  • Fully automated – no operator

  • Complete turnkey systems – NO additional engineering needed

  • Continuous Operation

  • Backwashable

  • Filtration down to 0.5 micron level

  • Dewaters to 85% solids

  • 90%+ less water consumption / 80%+ less sludge volume to treat & dispose

The design and development of Amstar plants rely on the decades’ old experience of its founders in over 3,000 technical services on all sorts of plants and brands.

  • Amstar machines are made of the thickest steel and weighs at least 20% more.

  • Amstar filter presses work with high-pressure pumps up to 20 bar /40 bar – aggregates.

  • Amstar has proprietary pump technology that achieves unmatched 250+psi  to pump ultra-high solids slurries. Amstar has individual dewatering systems that can achieve 120% of a 3m belt press and use 25% of the polymer. Savings on material handling/labor/polymer can be over $200K/year.

Amstar helps reduce slurry management costs and allow ZERO-Discharge of water process streams.