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Specialists in Filtration (Liquid Filtration Consultants)

Specialists in Filtration (Liquid Filtration Consultants)


Liquid Filtration Consultants (LFC), at Lochem in the Netherlands, is an innovative engineering and manufacturing company that has specialized in liquid filtration technology since 1979. Over the years, LFC has developed and perfected many nitration products. This has resulted in a high quality, comprehensive standard program for widely diverging industries. LFC’s excellent reputation in the field or filtration technology rests in no small measure on its ability to respond quickly to specific customer requests by producing fully customized products.

l F C has its own Research and Development Department, where existing filtration and manufacturing methods are further refined and improved. Added to that is our engineers’ expertise in devising custom-made solutions. Global developments within the industry are rapid, environmental protection is a major pre-occupation, and stricter filtration requirements are being introduced almost daily. The provision of quick and effective solutions is a challenge LFC is happy to meet.

Production Processes
Rota Jet filter
Rota Jet filters have universal applications. This type of filter has been further developed and perfected by LFC over many years. In order to obtain an optimally guaranteed dry cake cleaning, the V-sump type is equipped with scraping knives in combination with a conveyor screw. For the removal of wet or slurry cake, the
single and double conical models are equipped with special sprayers, which in combination with rotating filter leaves ensure optimal cleaning. LFC Lochem has added an extra dimension to the universal applicability of these Rota jet filters by supplying the three different types as ‘standard’ with filtering surfaces of 3 to 200m’, depending on user requirements.

The filters and filter housings developed by our engineers are manufactured in our own production department. Needless to say, we use the most advanced equipment, but we place even more importance on our highly qualified and motivated staff. They are your best guarantee of the excellence of the products that our company delivers. Production in accordance with the standards set by the authorized national and international bodies is standard procedure at LFC.

RS and RB filters
The RS and RB filters feature vertically positioned filter leaves in a horizontal cylindrical tank. With the RS version the connections are mounted on the fixed filter cover, so that they do not have to be disassembled when the tank is opened or retracted. With RB filters the entire filter pack is retracted, and the filtrate manifold, depending on the application, is equipped with a quick-acting closure. Both types of filter are available with filtering surfaces of 5 to more than 200m’, for both dry and wet cake removal. Depending on the application, the cover closure can be fitted with eye bolts and nuts, or with the special quick-acting bayonet/wedge lock closure developed by lFC.
The vertical MV filter is an extremely economical filter which has a cover closure with eye bolts and hand wheel nuts fitted as standard. A hydraulic davit is mounted for quick and easy cover opening. Depending on the application and on whether dry or wet cake is being removed, the filters are equipped with either a vibrator system or an oscillating sluice header. There is also a model which combines both systems. MV filters are available with filtering surfaces of 3 to approximately 1OOm’.

Tilting filter
Because of its construction, the Tilting or model ‘T’ filter is pre-eminently suited to treating the filter cake after filtration by washing, drying or extraction. Filtration takes place with the filter tank in a vertical position and the filter leaves in a horizontal position. Cleaning or cake removal takes place with the filter tank in a horizontal position, while the leaves are in a vertical position. The filter is equipped with either a special recirculation system or “heel”
filter elements, ensuring that no unfiltered liquids stay in the filter. Dry cake removal (scrapers or vibrator system) and wet cake removal (spray nozzles either static or oscillating) are both options.

Model ‘T’ filters are available with a maximum filtering surface of 30 m’. The Centrifilter is an alternative to the model ‘T’ filter. The Centrifilter leaves are cleaned by a centrifugal motion of 100 to 300 rpm. Both dry and wet cake can be removed. Wet cake removal takes place in liquid by means ok a sluice header or a small back pressure, or by a combination of the two. The filter is available with both flat and slightly conical plates. As with the model ‘T’, the “heel” filter leaves or a system of recirculation offer a solution for filtration of the total filter volume.

Pulse Tube filter

The Pulse Tube filter is a filter type developed by LFC Lochem which has proved useful in many applications. As a single or polishing tube filter, it is especially suited to applications involving high filtration speeds combined with low solids concentrations, and where wet cake removal is possible. Process Pulse Tube filters, on the other hand, are used for both wet and dry cake removal.

Level Leaf filter
As it s name suggests, this filter consists of a number of horizon tall filter elements mounted on a central shaft. Depending on the application, the filter material clamped between the filter elements may be paper, textile, fabric, needle felt or wire mesh. The filter is especially suitable for batch processes or as a safety filter with a small solids load. Cleaning is done manually by removing the plates from the shaft one by one and cleaning them or by changing/replacing the filter septum.